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“Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.”

Kenichi Ohmae

Data Strategy – Define a clear direction for your data initiatives

Like every strategy, a data strategy is a set of choices and decisions that together chart a course to achieve goals. The execution and implementation of this strategy requires a data management plan and skilled (data) professionals.

  • Move the data maturity of the organization forward
  • Coordinate existing data-related projects to ensure they support each other
  • Reinforce the business goals of an organization

Data Management – Manage your data to achieve organizationals goals

We have developed a best practice to streamline this whole process starting with the business strategy, developing a data strategy and data management plan. With our approach, we have a proven track record when it comes to a short and efficient implementation.

  • A vision for how the different data management areas will interact to deliver the data strategy (for example: Data Quality, Data Governance, Metadata Management, Data Architecture etc.)
  • Known challenges related to data management based on the current Data Management Maturity level
  • A data management roadmap with delivery milestones

Data Governance – Ensure your data is managed properly

With our non-invasive approach we are able to formalize roles and responsibilities which ensure that data is managed properly alongside clear guidelines and a data governance framework.

  • Clear roles, responsibilities and guidlines which ensure that data is governed
  • Involvement of the management through a direct communication path, data governance board and office
  • An unclutterd data governance framework which is understood throughout the whole organisation.

Masterclasses– Keep the knowledge in-house

We believe that there is a lot of untapped potential in organizations that, with some guidance, can become an highly effective data professional with the right data management skills. Propperly trained will those professionals become indispensable for an organisation now and in the future.